Virginia Birstler Owner-CEO

In the corporate world I held long term management positions first in retail for 10 years, then in multi-family housing. I worked with Frye Properties, Inc. of Norfolk for 18 years where I gained a vast knowledge of property management in diverse portfolio’s as well as project management skills through multi-million dollar rehabilitation’s of communities.

These experiences have well suited me for my current position as Co-owner and CEO of Birstler Home Improvements of Virginia, Inc.  Great customer service, solution seeking, web design, marketing, bookkeeping, budgeting, and forecasting are all skills I brought with me to Birstler Home Improvements of Virginia, Inc.  

I am blessed with a wonderful family, three awesome kids, four cute and brilliant grand babes, four dogs, a couple of chickens and a few hundred bees. (my daughter's). Life is good while working from home!

I look forward to speaking and meeting with all who are interested in remodeling your dream spaces!